Facebook telah merilis sebuah aplikasi untuk desktop yang bernama The Facebook Desktop for Adobe AIR, yang mana aplikasi ini di install pada desktop dan menghubungkan pengguna dengan Facebook mereka. Untuk melihat update dari teman biasanya kita melakukan refresh pada halaman home atau klik tombol home yang nantinya memperlihatkan apa saja yang terbaru tentang teman-teman kita. Dengan aplikasi The Facebook Desktop for Adobe AIR kita dapat melihat update teman secara Real-Time yang biasanya kita lihat pada halaman home Facebook. Aplikasi ini tiap detik akan terus menyuguhkan update-update terbaru dari teman-teman kita.

Untuk menginstall aplikasi ini silakan download disini tapi sebelumnya Anda perlu menginstall Adobe AIR disini

Keuntungan yang bisa didapat dari The Facebook Desktop for Adobe AIR
– Melihat update teman secara real-time
– Dapat memberikan komentar pada status teman
– Tidak memerlukan browser untuk membuka Facebook

Namanya juga aplikasi baru pasti ada kekurangannya, misalnya aplikasi ini hanya menyuguhkan update dan jika kita klik update teman yang baru mengupload foto maka aplikasi ini tetap memerlukan browser untuk melihat foto tersebut. Mudah-mudahan aplikasi ini bisa terus berkembang dan mungkin akan lebih berarti besar jika dapat digunakan untuk chating seperti Yahoo Messenger. Karena dari hasil polling kemarin ternyata sebagian orang memanfaatkan Facebook untuk chating dengan teman-teman mereka.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut tentang The Facebook Desktop for Adobe AIR silakan lihat artikel aslinya.

UPDATE on Monday, April 27: The Facebook Desktop for Adobe AIR application is now available. You can install it here. Note: You must have Adobe AIR installed for the application to work. You can download Adobe AIR for free here.

When you want to stay updated with your friends and other connections
on Facebook, you can log into your home page to see a running timeline,
or stream, of the information they’re sharing. The more they share, the
more you see in the stream and the more you learn about your
connections. Starting today, you have the option to access that same
stream outside of Facebook.com.

Now, you’ll be able to view your stream and publish information into it
from places you never could before — like your desktop computer or your
mobile phone. Your stream will appear just as it does on Facebook.com
and maintain the same privacy settings. We believe that the ability to
see more and more of what is happening around you will lead to greater
openness and transparency.

To make this work, we released new technology for developers
so they can offer this option to you on other websites and
applications. We work closely with third-party developers to enable
intriguing and meaningful experiences both on and off Facebook.com.
Since we launched Facebook Platform in 2007, developers have created
10s of thousands of applications
to help you connect and share with your friends in interesting ways —
whether by playing a social game, discovering new books or creating
group greeting cards.

Last year, we announced Facebook Connect
to make it easy for you to take your online identity with you across
the Web and share what you do online with your friends back on Facebook
by publishing your actions to the stream. Today’s announcement is an
extension of that by making it easy for you to interact with your
stream from anywhere.

We’ve already worked with a few developers to build some of these new
experiences for you to try out, and we’ve created one ourselves, as
well. Beginning later today, you’ll be able to find these and future
applications in the Facebook Application Directory under “For Your Desktop.”

For instance, you’ll be able to install Facebook Desktop for Adobe AIR and connect using your Facebook account.

Then, you’ll receive two prompts: the first to give permission for the
application to access your News Feed and Wall and the second to give
permission to publish posts and comments.

From there, you’ll be able to interact with your stream just as you
would on Facebook but directly from your desktop rather than through a
browser. You’ll be able to do all the same things you would normally do
on Facebook, including view your friends’ content and share information
through the Publisher. You can even “Like” and comment on your friends’
stories directly from your desktop.

Be sure to also check out Seesmic’s desktop application, which includes your stream from Facebook and adds feeds from other websites, too.

In the coming months, you’ll be able to interact with your stream on
even more websites and through more applications, in ways we’re only
beginning to imagine.

Justin, an engineer at Facebook, is getting his friends’ latest updates and sharing information, all from his desktop.

Selamat mencoba.

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